A singer whose voice transcends borders.

Leeds based Chilean soprano Valentina Diaz was a performer in renowned stages across Chile, Spain and the UAE. She is a Master of Performance and currently singing in the UK.

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A charming singer in North England.

Valentina is currently preparing the role of Doria Manfredi in Giacomo's Muse, and recently covered a Calavera in Opera Frida Kahlo and as soloist in Misa Criolla. Additionally, she is co-founder of Leodis Consort, with several performances scheduled for 2024.

"As a professional opera singer, I have a great passion for music that makes each performance unique. I love exploring the intricate layers of musical expression to deliver beauty in every performance"

A multi-layered performer

Valentina's stage presence is distinguished by her exceptional singing and acting skills, showcased through her captivating voice and emotive expressions.

Opera Frida @ Leeds Opera Festival 2023 by Northen Opera Group.
Papelucho en la Opera @ Teatro Municipal de Santiago


Valentina's extensive experience performing for diverse audiences worldwide has endowed her with Lyric-leggero Soprano repertoire .

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